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Real Spankings, Real Discipline, Corporal Punishment we got it all. See how cute girls are spanked and receive punishment after they are naughty! Spanking, flogging, uniform play, sensual erotic spankings and strict disciplinairy punishment we feature the very best punishment videos and series. Get ready for some serious spanking action when you enter our site!


Sherry is one of the dirtiest, nastiest girls that I have found yet for this site. As you can see, she enjoys the abuse and asks for more. All the way to the point of where she takes a massive spanking and lets it get red all over her sexy white ass. She took a spanking like a champ. Some girls just like to be dominated and abused for fun.


Camille has a beautiful smile, but more significantly she also has an amazing ass. She thought she knew what she was getting into when she agreed to let us spank her on camera, but after the first few blows fell she was wiggling around and squealing in pain. She left with a smile on her face though, and a wet spot between her legs. Renee is one cherry cheeked girl we expect to see back again begging for more!


Beverly is a beautiful redhead babe. When she first came into our offices she was a bit of a brat, claiming that being spanked didnít hurt, it just made her wet. It was our pleasure to put that claim to the test, and in the end we both won. Brandy got a spanking sheíll never forget, and we got picture footage thatís guaranteed to get you hard! See how this gorgeous red ass model gets the spanking of her lifetime right on our casting couch!


Jenny is a naughty girl. She was left home all alone one day and became extremely board. So she decided to pop in a porn to keep herself happy. When her boyfriend returned home, he was not happy. He was pissed off at her for doing sexy things with her pussy while he was away. He decided to teach her a lesson and do to her exactly what the porn flick was about, spanking. She took her punishment very well. See just how hard she gets spanked and abused.


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