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These naughty girls simply deserve a good punishment, they get themselves into trouble over and over again and are in need of some good punishment! They get punished with various methods featuring, but not limited to: OTK spanking (over the knee) Spanked by hand, wooden paddles, hand crafted floggers, leather paddles, straps, strops, tawses, whips, as well as exquisite canes and all sorts of tools used to punish and discipline bad girls and the girls love it!


Anna told our producers that she got off on being spanked, but the intensity of the spanking we gave her was beyond anything she’d ever experienced. Watch her big ass bounce as we land blow upon blow on her soft booty in this great spanking pictures. She was so turned on she was panting like a dog by the time we were finished with her. Her ass was burning and as red as a fire truck!


Grace has been a bad girl. Flirting with other boys at the clubs, grinding on them, basically just being a little whore. She got busted. When she got home her boyfriend had found out and boy was he not happy about the little slut acting like that. He then proceeded to give her a little taste of what it is a little whore gets treated like. She was spanked, humiliated, and treated like the little tramp slut meathole that she is. And, she liked it.


Tina was a very naughty girl, and naughty girls need to be spanked. I bent this blonde sweetheart over the couch to tan her hide in this footage. Once her ass was glowing red she was so horny that she was practically begging to spank her more and really, how mean would it have been of me to refuse her? This is spanking at it’s very finest!


Layla said I couldn’t possibly spank her hard enough to hurt more! I put this redhead goddess over my knee and spanked her until she couldn’t take anymore. By the time this little masochist cried ‘Uncle’ her ass was radiating heat and even my hand was getting sore, I can’t imagine what her tail felt like. Naughty girl that she is though, she promised to be back for more!


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